With your smile

With your smile,

I see life in pink.

With your smile,

I feel like I could sink,

Down into the depths of infatuation.

Foolish as it may sound,

But with your smile,

I think my light is found.


With your smile,

Everything feels light,

Though I may not know you,

But boy, you make me feel alright.

With your smile,

I feel like I could taste its freshness,

With your smile,

You leave me breathless.


With your smile,

The sun and the moon bind as one,

But with your smile,

It’s now over and gone.

For your smile,

Only exists when I close my eyes,

And fall into the deep, right where it lies.




I promise

The melodic sound of the salty waves as they lapped into the shore,

Does nothing but soothe and calm our hungry souls.

You took my hand and I took yours,

As we carelessly go for a stroll.

Feeling the warmth and electricity you give me,

Run through my veins and up my spine,

Through the butterflies fluttering inside me,

And up to my willing lips, oh so fine.

You said, Imagine a person standing before us,

Looking and marveling at the view – nay, a wonderful view,

You and I, love, we are a must.

Somebody up there is making a plan for me and you.

Like the gazing moon, oh what an ethereal life it would be,

But, darling, you must wait for the right tide,

For you deserve the absolute best, my honey,

Sleep tight and soon I’ll be by your side.

I promise.