Back on track with a Seoul purpose. 

Our layover trip to Incheon gave us two days in the metropolis – as well as some hot, delectable Korean ramen and kimchi to keep the cold temperatures at bay.

A most misinterpreted song: Push by Matchbox 20

Yes, it is a song about a man being physically abusive towards his partner. Yes, it’s about a man who wants to take a woman « for granted » and push her around. Yes, it’s all about promoting violence towards women.
Or is it?

Agosto dos.

Two contradicting minds, but both are sure of one thing.


Amihan (n) – Northeast wind, breeze A breath of wind blows in, And shakes the first honey-coloured leaves, Time is still, Time is frozen, Every moment lasts, As I saunter across the vast, eternal sky, But the sun returns, And melts this dream away, Only a cool reminder of the breeze, On a hot summer’s…

Multilingual reporting #NiceAttack #BBC

It was a day to celebrate a country’s independence. A country’s liberté, égalité and fraternité. A day to go out in the blazing sun, sing along to French tunes and get along with the rhythm of the fête as Bastille Day rolls on. A day that was transformed into a nightmare. A day whose scars…

This Is My Love For Words And How I Wish I Could Have Few With You.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘word’ as a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, a unit of language comprising inflected and variant forms. I love words. Words like idiosyncrasies, cantankerous, schlep, philocaly and petrichor. I love words that pique my interest, curiosity and inquisitiveness. We all use words to express our sympathy, empathy and…

Dreams: Reaching for that « something big. »

Two thousand fifteen, the year when all your big dreams will come true – how inspiring and motivating it is to hear this phrase, especially when you feel like one of your biggest dreams is about to come into life. As human beings, we all dream. We are constantly seeking for fulfillment. Something big and…