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Can you guess? | Friend

I met him when I was 9,

His name is Kitch Roger,

Or sometimes it’s Stein,

Or ‘Clock watcher’,

Depends on my mood or his mood.

He doesn’t speak nor move,

But I am harmoniously in love,

Drowning in its soft chords,

And its blue slender body,

He was a dream come true.

I carry him sideways,

Or on my back,

Sometimes with its case,

I walk with him with pride,

He’s always by my side.

He is filled with pain and sorrow,

Of joy and happiness,

And he’s as melodic as Gary Barlow,

He’s always been there for me,

When no one else was.

In response to this week’s WordPress Challenge, Friend. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and my very first best friend came in the form of a musical instrument.

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Express Life, Word prompts

Moon over water | Reflecting

In response to this week’s word challenge – Reflecting.

A shot of the moon taken by my best friend of ten years who has mental illness. « Sometimes, we get caught up in the process of trying to find who we are — our purpose and value in life — that we tend to lose sight of what’s important, » she says. « But what we often forget is that our light has already been made for us long before we were even born. »

FUN FACT: There is actually a word to describe the road-like reflection of the moon on water — MANGATA — and it’s Swedish!

(c) jodiepages 2017. All Rights Reserved


12 Things That Happen When You’re Finally Reunited With Your Best Friend

Can’t wait to do this with my best friend! ❤

Thought Catalog


1. Counting Down The Days

Literally. You have the reunion circled on your calendar and each day you get to cross off is a step closer to true happiness. Not to mention, you both text each other with a daily reminder of how much time is left. « OH MY GOD! I SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS, AHHH!! »

2. See Each Other And YELP

The moment has finally arrived and it’s total. sensory. overload. It’s kind of like seeing a small puppy or eating the most delicious meal — you automatically make some sort of noise. You can’t help it. Doesn’t matter if you’re in public with tons of strangers around, when you see your BFF again after so long you will SHRIEK.

3. The Squeeze Hug

Hugs are glorious, beautiful things that tend to make us human beings feel all happy and gooey-inside. But the ultimate I-really-love-you-and-am-so-excited-to-see-you hug is…

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