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Basilica de San Martin de Tours | Heritage

In response to this week’s WordPress Challenge – Heritage

For over 300 years, the Spaniards have built thousands of Catholic churches in the Philippines. Among them is The Basilica de San Martin de Tours, which is known as the oldest Catholic church in the Philippines and quite possibly in Asia. Sitting atop a hill, the colossal Baroque towers over the famous Taal Volcano as well as the old heritage town of Taal, Batangas – where my father was born. The church channels Visita Iglesia, an old-age tradition observed by the Catholic faithfuls during holy week, wherein they visit and pray at seven separate churches to reflect on the Passion of Christ.

The façade of Basilica de San Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas, Philippines

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Moon over water | Reflecting

In response to this week’s word challenge – Reflecting.

A shot of the moon taken by my best friend of ten years who has mental illness. « Sometimes, we get caught up in the process of trying to find who we are — our purpose and value in life — that we tend to lose sight of what’s important, » she says. « But what we often forget is that our light has already been made for us long before we were even born. »

FUN FACT: There is actually a word to describe the road-like reflection of the moon on water — MANGATA — and it’s Swedish!

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Morning Jog | Danger!

This week’s challenge is the unexpected thrill of danger!

During a morning jog with my younger sister, we stumbled upon this 6m pyramid tower at Kennedy Park in Castor Bay, Auckland.

Being the sports enthusiast that I am, I climbed up to the very top and took this photo.

My sister screamed, « You dangerous girl! » Poor girl, she even started to bawl her eyes out. I climbed down and continued our morning jog.

I am the danger.

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In response to The Daily Post | Danger!

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Makisig (adj) – Dashing, well-dressed, gorgeous

I don’t know what day it was but we were on a bus when we first clapped eyes on one another. And the moment our eyes met, everything seemed to stop in motion. You glistened under the blazing sun while my cheeks turned multiple shades of vermilion.

Fair-skinned and a broad-shouldered man, I thought. The aquiline nose you sported perfected the band of fading freckles across it and your chiselled cheekbones. Your almond-shaped eyes were a-dazzle with wonder and curiosity over a genial smile. And with your towering height, I knew I was screwed right there.

Your fierce but soft English eyes glinted in the sun with joy and your lode-gold hair was neatly coiffed to one side, emphasising your undercut style. I was already lost in the endless blue sky and I got lost deeper into the abyss the moment your eyes pierced into my dull, black ones.

You wore a Hallensteins top and the smell of your minty cologne had them swooning at the back as you sat in front of me with power and authority. Your name sprung to my mind. What is it? I needed to know but a myriad of colours -red, blue and gold- suddenly clouded my vision and soon you became a lapse in my judgement.

But like always, it was too late when I finally mustered up the courage to speak. To say hello, how was your day? You stood up, hopped off the bus and walked away with your Spartan-like shoulders.

Oh well.

See you around, Makisig!

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In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words – Makisig

Photo source: Google Images.

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CnzUqsfUIAACyin.jpg large

Amihan (n) – Northeast wind, breeze

A breath of wind blows in,

And shakes the first honey-coloured leaves,

Time is still,

Time is frozen,

Every moment lasts,

As I saunter across the vast, eternal sky,

But the sun returns,

And melts this dream away,

Only a cool reminder of the breeze,

On a hot summer’s day

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In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words – Amihan