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Can you guess? | Friend

I met him when I was 9,

His name is Kitch Roger,

Or sometimes it’s Stein,

Or ‘Clock watcher’,

Depends on my mood or his mood.

He doesn’t speak nor move,

But I am harmoniously in love,

Drowning in its soft chords,

And its blue slender body,

He was a dream come true.

I carry him sideways,

Or on my back,

Sometimes with its case,

I walk with him with pride,

He’s always by my side.

He is filled with pain and sorrow,

Of joy and happiness,

And he’s as melodic as Gary Barlow,

He’s always been there for me,

When no one else was.

In response to this week’s WordPress Challenge, Friend. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and my very first best friend came in the form of a musical instrument.

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Express Life, Poetry, Word prompts

Vivid with colour | Evanescent

Naked trees,

Icy wind,

Misty mornings,

And wild breeze,

Ground vivid with colour,

Orange, yellow, red,

Soon all will be gone,

A chilly reminder of the winter ahead.

This week’s response to the weekly challenge, Evanescent.

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Express Life

I stand with Manchester.

What was supposed to be a night to enjoy and come together in harmony, became a deadly nightmare. It was a night whose scars will forever be carved into human history.

British police have dubbed it as the worst terror attack since the July 2005 bombings, and with the death toll rising to 22 and 120 injured, the country has put its security alert to its highest. According to BBC Radio 4’s  Matthew Price, shortly after US singer Ariana Grande’s gig finished at around 10:30pm, a man walked into the foyer – where merchandise was sold – and detonated an improvised bomb.

Mancunians lay flower for the victims during a candlelight vigil at Albert’s Square in Manchester, England. Source: Google Images.

Local politicians and world leaders alike condemned the senseless act with most stating the perpetrator of this attack whose sole intention was to sow fear and divide people will not succeed. After the attack, #RoomForManchester began trending on social media as kind-hearted Mancunians showed the real spirit of Manchester by helping and opening their doors for those stuck in the area, away from danger. The following day, Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham invited people to join him in a vigil at Albert’s Square where a minute’s silence was observed by thousands. The people are reunited once again, by kindness and faith.

The town’s ability to come together and help after the attack was beyond profound. It just shows that at the end of the day, it is still humanity that will always prevail. This post is dedicated to the citizens of Manchester and the UK. Well done for showing to the extremists your real spirit. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Let us keep fighting and not give in to such dreadful events. We, humans, are built with a survival instinct to expect the worst. After all, this is part of the reason we’ve made it this far.


(Source of Featured Image: Google Images).

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Moon over water | Reflecting

In response to this week’s word challenge – Reflecting.

A shot of the moon taken by my best friend of ten years who has mental illness. « Sometimes, we get caught up in the process of trying to find who we are — our purpose and value in life — that we tend to lose sight of what’s important, » she says. « But what we often forget is that our light has already been made for us long before we were even born. »

FUN FACT: There is actually a word to describe the road-like reflection of the moon on water — MANGATA — and it’s Swedish!

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Morning Jog | Danger!

This week’s challenge is the unexpected thrill of danger!

During a morning jog with my younger sister, we stumbled upon this 6m pyramid tower at Kennedy Park in Castor Bay, Auckland.

Being the sports enthusiast that I am, I climbed up to the very top and took this photo.

My sister screamed, « You dangerous girl! » Poor girl, she even started to bawl her eyes out. I climbed down and continued our morning jog.

I am the danger.

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In response to The Daily Post | Danger!