#31: Ready to fall in love?

Okay, here we go..

Brighton & Hove, England, UK

Just landed in the UK and although feeling jetlagged, I can’t help but fall for this place. With its old English structures, sands and shingles and bustling streets,  I actually don’t mind living here.

Brighton Pier, England, UK


There are games and arcades inside the Brighton Pier and it was just as congested as the outside.
After our short trip to Brighton Pier, we drove to the beautiful castle of Arundel.

Arundel Castle, England, UK
Arundel Castle, England, UK
A tree-lined street near Arundel Castle, England, UK

I think I am in love.

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  1. Anne J. dit :

    Despite the weather, I would also not mind living in the UK 🇬🇧. I wish we could…

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    1. Jodie Cadacio dit :

      Yes, i love the UK and I wish I could live there too! I live in NZ and the weather is very similar so I guess I’ll be fine ☺️

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      1. Anne J. dit :

        I thought NZ is like Australia. I’m in South Africa and I think our weather is like down under.


  2. Jodie Cadacio dit :

    It’s a lot hotter in Australia. They go up to 45+ degrees during summer whereas here, the highest we go is around 27-29 degrees. Although we get sunny days in the summer but most of the time, it’s overcast..which always reminds me of London. Hahha.
    Oh that’s so awesome! I wanna visit SA some day. I have a lot of friends from Pretoria and Johannesburg ☺️


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