Page Nine: Back on track

After a 5-month hiatus, I’m back on expressing life again.

2016, the last year of my student life. It’s a little melancholic to think that soon the prospects of essay-writing, presentations, pitches, group assignments and all that jazz will be gone – not that I fully enjoyed doing them. But these things have been a great part of my student life, alongside the friends and people I’ve met throughout this journey.

Despite all the sleepless winter nights, that time when a Journalism paper made me teary because well, I failed it (come on, we’ve all been down that road once), that time when a 3-minute radio drama took all my happy meals away from me, and all other Uni assignments that took away my ability to keep my eyes open during lectures, to think straight while on exam and my ability to go out and grab a lunch with a friend or two – I have to say that they were all worth it and they really did shape me to the person I am as of writing this, and all have equipped me with knowledge, experience and more abilities as I tackle these last few hurdles in the field of Communications.

Thus, it’s exhilarating to think that in just 8 months’ time, I will be receiving that one piece of paper that all students have been dreaming of. That paper that could get you anywhere in the world, if you just believe in yourself and know that you can do anything with God by your side. The thoughts of embarking on new adventures, meeting new people, seeing new places, knowing yourself and becoming the person you dreamed of give me excitement, optimism and hope in this world.

I know things may not come well in my way but just like in any ordinary life, it’s okay to feel sad and down at times because when you reached rock bottom, the only way out is to climb back up.




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