11 Famous Actors And The Weird Stuff They Did To Survive In Their 20s

Rag to Riches story always fascinate me. It shows how one really must work her/his butt of to reach that « something big »

Thought Catalog


1. Jon Hamm worked the softcore porn circuit.

At just 20 years old, Jon Hamm had lost both of his parents and was couch surfing at various friends’ houses in Missouri. He didn’t end up heading out to LA until he was 24—arriving in an old Toyota and $100, which were essentially his only worldly possessions at the time. He worked as a waiter and a softcore porn movie set designer. It would be years until he secured his iconic role on Man Men, and even then, his main goal when he signed on was to finish paying off his student debt.

2. Harrison Ford was hired to renovate George Lucas’s office.

Harrison Ford faced severe bouts of clinical depression throughout his college years. He was first introduced to acting during the last quarter of his senior year, when he took up a drama class to get over…

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