How To Be Happy: 6 Fun Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child And Become A Happier Person

« Never lose your childish innocence. It’s the most important thing. » – Katherine, Under The Tuscan Sun.

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Flickr / Jenene ChesbroughFlickr / Jenene Chesbrough

Ah, the good ole days. The light-up shoes, the Lunchables, the ability to judge if someone was cool or not based on how they wore their backpack. It was a much simpler time. It was a time filled with predetermined play-dates and hours upon hours of Nickelodeon. So. Much. Nickelodeon. Literally, all the Nickelodeon. There was no fear of securing your next paycheck, no stress regarding the traffic during your daily commute, and certainly no time wasted debating whether or not to superficially swipe right or left. But, hey, time stops for no one. Eventually, adult life takes its course. Its laundry-filled, grocery shopping, alarm-setting course.

And that’s not a bad thing. Perhaps surprising at first as the real world can be a Stanley Milgram type of shock – but that’s not bad. In some ways that’s exciting, even needed, dare I say. Growing up encourages…

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