Page Five: Drive by Incubus

Music plays an integral role in all aspects of our lives and we all have that moment when we take an interest in a particular song –be it an old or a new one. All because we think that song defines the moment we are currently in.

My song of the moment is none other than Drive by Incubus. Yes it’s the song that won Billboard’s award for Modern Rock Single of the Year. It’s also the song that revolves around the idea of fear and being driven by it, and how we can make choices/decisions from this fear and lead a better life. It’s about imagining what your life would be like if you « take the wheel and drive. »

I was probably 5 years old when this song was first released. At the time, I had no idea what this song was saying and I couldn’t understand why people loved it like hell. But now that I’ve gone through the many phases of life, I think this song might forever be in my favourite list.

Although fear is the main theme of the song, I am nowhere near ‘the fear’. It’s more about myself taking the wheel and steering it towards the life I’ve always wanted to lead. And listening to this song every time I’m on the bus to Uni encourages me to really do it. JUST DO IT, just like LaBeouf said.



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