Page Four: 6 reasons why having a hot male professor is the worst thing to happen to you at college/university

« It’s merely a crush, not infatuation » – is probably the most overused phrase in my course whenever we’re asked about our hot male teachers.

Here are 6 reasons why they are the worst:

  1. Say goodbye to concentration

The main reason why we all go to university institutions is to get a degree, right? Well, getting that piece of paper is not only a ticket to the door of professionalism, but it requires a lot of concentration – especially when you’re a Communications student wherein you, more or less, live inside countless theories of Marx, the political economy of mass media, the new media and the likes. But when you end up in a class whose teacher resembles that bad-boy look that Johnathan Rhys Meyers is famously known for, you’re anything but focused. Well, depending on how you see it because you might just be focused on gazing at his chocolatey-brown, soul-piercing eyes. And you end up studying him, not the lecture slides he’d just put up on the projector.

2. You will become a morning person

I know there are a lot of people who are not-a-morning-person-type-of-people in this world. Don’t worry, buddies, I hear you. I don’t get along well with mornings, too and I used to curse whoever was responsible for organizing my classes to fit into the morning slots. I mean, who gets up at 7am? It’s still night-time for goodness sake! But when you have a teacher who is dangerously handsome, sunrise is your best friend. You wouldn’t wanna miss that sexy of lecture of his.

3. Your iPod/iPhone is flooded with gorgeous photos

I’m gonna take a picture of him  while his back is turned or maybe wait for him to turn a bit so that I may get a side view. I’ll post it on Instagram for the world to see using the #hotteacher #lovehimtobits hashtags.

4. You will learn how to speak Gibberish

Come on, your teacher is the doppelganger of Jonathan Rhys bloody Meyers, everybody wants to make a good impression. So you volunteer to lead a class discussion but when he turns around and faces you, he gazes into your eyes and you end up stuttering. And to avoid embarrassment, you try to say some random horse-crap and you end up speaking in Gibberish, and you flap your arms or hands to emphasize what you’re struggling to say. Worst case scenario: You stand up and do an interpretive dance. Bright side of the situation, you got to learn a new language and showcased your horrible, hair-rising dance moves.

5. More embarrassment

As if doing an interpretive dance isn’t embarrassing enough, getting asked a class-related question by a gorgeous teacher and not being able to answer it because you’re too focused on his softly-coiffed hair is probably the most embarrassing thing ever. He’ll probably think of you as dumb.

6. Acceptance

Despite the degrading stuff you’ve done in his class, he still accepts you as his student and wishes you good luck for the final examinations. It’s good because it shows his ‘no-favorites rule’. But it’s bad in a way that it makes you think about him in a certain way and you’re not supposed to because he is a bloody professional teacher and you’re just a student.



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