Page Three: First alcohol intake – I blame the Germans and them drunken gummy bears!

NOTE BEFORE READING: Don’t get carried away with the title. The Germans are, perhaps, one of the most friendliest people on this planet. I am friends with a couple of them and love them all as peers.


Tonight, I will be sharing a little story about my first alcohol intake.

Yes, the title of this post says it all. My first alcohol intake involved the Germans and the semi-transparent, multi-coloured spongy bears.

I was at a German farewell party when those annoyingly addictive sweets got the better of me.

I was 16 and before coming to the party, a German friend of mine warned me about them and their drinking culture. He told me to not get scared if I turn up at the party to see everybody, lying everywhere with a beer in their hand and singing the German National Anthem, slurring their words.

I knew he was gonna say that, for there was this growing image in our school that the Germans really are a sucker for alcohol. They drink far more than any other national in the world. However, I wasn’t totally convinced with this apparently widely-held belief. For starters, I’ve never been to Germany nor have I seen drunk Germans in the streets. So, who am I to judge, right? Secondly, aren’t we all suckers for alcohol?  Nonetheless, I still appreciated my friend’s word of warning because in all honesty, the party was to be my first drinking party, and I admit it, I was pretty damn scared.

Before coming to the party, I had a root canal and a tooth filling, and my dentist said that I needed something chewy to chew on constantly. On the way to the party, Chris, another guy from my German pool of friends, texted me, asking how my root canal went and wondering if I do drink. I told him what my dentist told me and that all was well. Also, as a girl hailing from a non-drinking culture, I simply said no to his drinking question. He replied, « That’s cool. We can do something about that. » I didn’t quite get his response but I thought I’d just wait til I get to the party so I shrugged the thought off.

Upon arriving, he jokingly handed me one icy, green Carlsberg. Thus, I beamed and waved my cell phone at him, reminding him of our conversation earlier. He rose a brow and approached me. He gave me the beer and said, « It’s water. I just spilled the content into the sink and replaced it with water. »

Really? You could do that?

I took it and made sure it was water. And it was! He really did spill the damn thing into the sink.


So some time passed and I felt as if a toothpick was poking my upper teeth, suddenly recalling what my dentist had told me. Chris must have noticed the throbbing pain in my face. Thus, he gave me a bag of gummy bears; he told me to eat them because they’re chewy and they’re good to get my teeth back to its chewing ability.

So I ate the whole bag and it was genuinely tasty! It wasn’t the ordinary stuff you’d always get from the supermarket.The Germans drank beer. I drank water. They sang cheerful songs in big groups. They did this, they did that. The party finished.

Upon arriving home, the world twirled before me and I all can remember is that my brother, perfectly unaware of what the gummy bears did to my system, picked me up from the party. The next day, I woke up, wondering how the hell I got home.

Moments later, I received a text from Chris, apologising for he didn’t know that there was vodka in the gummy bears and wishing that I do not end up with a hangover.

Well, too late now, my friend.


What about you guys? At what age did you first have alcohol?


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